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November 14, 2017

At long last, my quest to find the right role, in the right company for the right reasons has ended. I wish to thank my global network of peers and customers for their gracious support over the last year. I’m especially grateful to those who contacted me with a variety of exciting job opportunities and to others for whom I consulted. The past 12 months included much introspection, self-evaluation, contemplation and finally…a type of realization I’ve rarely experienced throughout my career.


Shortly after forming Blue Carrot Consultants, I invited a small group of thought leaders to participate in a “think tank” of sorts.  Although loosely defined, the purpose of the group was to provide members with an opportunity to exchange ideas, examine their “pain points” (personal or professional), challenge assumptions, and learn from one another…in an informal yet confidential environment. We named ourselves the “Coffee Coalition” prior to meeting in the early morning for the first time. We weren’t 5 minutes into our dialogue when someone asked, “Who the hell suggested meeting this early” (guilty as charged). The group thereby became known as the “Cocktail Coalition” (smile).


Enter Kent Cisewski, a member of the “Coalition”, and President/Chief Visionary Officer of Fusion Performance Group. Kent and I met in 1996 when I joined the Walt Disney World Resort to help start Disney Cruise Line.  Over the last ten years, we’ve run into one another at industry events and connected when Kent was seeking a cruise product for a customer or insight about other cruise lines.  


Since forming the “Coalition”, I adopted Kent as an “unofficial coach” while contemplating other career opportunities, which led to our own meetings. It was during one of these meetings (and at a point when I had declined several other opportunities) that Kent asked what I truly wanted in the next role…specifically, whether or not it was a “title”, “legacy”, “financial security”, and/or “to make a difference” among others. I explained that I really wasn’t sure to which he replied, “The Sean I know would have the next steps all mapped out, including a few charts and graphs”. 


That was true of Sean 1.0 but Sean 2.0 wanted the

decision to come from the “heart” and not the “mind”.


To make a long story longer, our dialogue eventually came full circle. That’s when I realized that the answer to my quest to find the “right role” in the “right company” for the “right reasons” was to…make a difference or “Make Shift Happen” as we say at Fusion.


This makes joining Fusion all the more meaningful to me because it involved a degree of “soul searching” and “serendipity” that only occurs in best-selling fiction.


I’m proud to be serving as the Vice President, Sales for Fusion Performance Group for a variety of reasons.  Visionary thinker and best-selling author, Simon Sinek, introduced many to the “Golden Circle Principle” in his popular TED Talk. Sinek maintains that success is dependent on embracing and communicating “why” first, followed by “how” and “what”. Simply put, people buy “why” you do it.


  • This principle serves as the foundation on which Fusion was founded and is evident in its mission, corporate culture, relationships (internal and external), communication and the emotional connection shared by Fusion team members and customers alike.

  • Fusion is further distinguished from competitors by its focus on true “ROI”; not the “anecdotal” systems practiced by others…but a methodology certified by the ROI Institute resulting in the “empirical” data necessary to make informed decisions and drive meaningful results.


A growing list of industry pundits and corporate executives are taking note of Fusion’s unique and proven ability to measure and maximize ROI.


"We’ve partnered with a number of capable performance improvement companies to produce events for years. None demonstrated the level of expertise and collaboration delivered by Fusion. Their unique focus on ROI and bold approach to challenge our assumptions generated unparalleled growth and inspired levels of loyalty we never thought possible throughout our entire enterprise".


- Robert Perry, Chief Revenue Officer, Mass Fidelity



Kent Cisewski, President and Chief Visionary Officer, was recently featured on the cover of Meetings & Conventions Magazine.


Click here for the insight shared by Kent and by Tanya Perry, Vice President of Sales & Marketing;


A new Spin on ROI; Going Beyond Metrics to Calculate a Meeting's Success





I truly believe in the culture at Fusion and its distinctive style. Fusion is blazing a trail that will come to define the performance improvement industry for years to come.


What's Your ROI?


To schedule your consultation and learn how Fusion can “Make Shift Happen” within your organization, please contact me at;


Sean J. Mahoney

Vice President of Sales

Fusion Performance Group


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