• Tanya Perry

Reward or Incentive - Do you know the difference?


Avoid the biggest misconception in the industry – awards are not incentives and therefore do not move the needle! Simply rewarding your top performers because they were in your top 10 or 15% has little to no impact on motivating your sales team. Based on research from the Incentive Research Foundation, incentives can improve sales performance as much as 27% and improve team performance by as much as 44% when implemented and monitored correctly. This means that they have to be structured to be inclusive of your entire team. Incentive programs are most successful when they are:

• Easy to understand

• Impactful

• Prestigious

• Attainable

• Worth the effort

• WOW!

Learn more about the way FUSION thinks about Awards and Incentives. To watch our video, click HERE.

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